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Water, water everywhere but nothing much to drink

Anantapur, May 5: An anticipated depletion of groundwater sources is likely to compound drinking the water problem in several municipalities situated in Anantapur district.

Despite abundance of Groundwater sources, four of the seven municipalities in Anantapur district are facing drinking water crisis. Hindupur,Dharmavaram, Rayadurg and Kadiri municipalities are totally dependent on groundwater for their drinking water necessities.

Residents of Hindupur had stopped depending on the municipality for drinking water long ago and sale of water is a profitable trade in the town during summer.

A pail of water is being sold at Rs 5 in the town. A peculiar situation prevails in Kadiri where a majority of people have begun buying water from private agencies, that pump water into tankers and sell it in the town.

Gatla water, drawn from the outskirts of the town is considered free from flourine, which is high in the water supplied by the municipality. However, the poorer sections are bearing the brunt of inefficient handling of the situation by the civic authorities.

Similarly, a serious water crisis is prevailing in Dharmavararn where there is no central authority to look after the affairs of the municipality. Water is being transported by means of tankers to a majority of localities. Power failure is also compounding the water problem in a majority municipal areas.

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