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Old City areas go without water

After new Bhopal, now it is now the turn of the old city to face a drinking water shortage as most colonies had to do without water on Friday evening. For the next two days, there will be no water supply, or very limited supply at low pressure, in several parts of the old city. The shortage of water was due to the shut down of main supply lines for annual maintenance by the Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board.

As the power supply to the Karbala pumping station, which caters to the needs of the residents of majority of the areas, was shut down, the water supply remained disrupted on Friday.

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) also announced that water would be supplied at low pressure in most of the areas and in some parts of the city water would be supplied through tankers. According to reporters, the Karbala pump house faced a power cut from 7 am to 2 pm resulting in the disruption of water supply to the Idgah Hills filtration plant.

According to BMC officers, the water in the storage tank was supplied this morning to the residents, but there was no supply in Imami Gate, Shajehanabad, NoorMahal, Peer Gate and other localities in the evening.

Manish Sharma, a resident of Shaheed Nagar, said they never get water at all. Whether there was a power shut down in the pump or not, water was not available in his locality. A delegation of the residents of the area also visited Sadar Manzil, the headquarters of BMC, to press the demand for regular supply of water to the area.

According to a corporation press release, there would be no evening supply in Imami Gate, Shaheed Nagar, Noor Mahal, Peer Gate,Ashok Colony even on Saturday.

Similarly, the water supply to Idgah Hills, Ram Nagar, Niamatpura, Prince Colony, entire Shahjehanabad, Kumharput, Kabitpura, Mazdoor Nagar, Bara Mahal, Koh-e-Fiza, Ahmedabad, Lal Ghati, Khanugaon, Sajida Nagar, Bright Colony, Neelkanth Colony, Prabhu Nagar, Pari Bazar and in other areas water would be supplied at low pressure on Sunday.

The residents of Koh-e-Fiza complained that they were not getting adequate water as the supply was only for 20 to 30 minutes .

On several occasions, they have urged the corporation to permanently solve this problem, but no action had been taken.

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