Water conflicts

Summer comes to India every year. Along with it comes water crisis

As wells, ponds and taps dry up, women begin to walk the village streets and city roads with pots and pitchers looking for a water-point. As municipality water-tankers and government-run water trains begin to traverse the length and breadth of the country, people gather on street corners, village squares and in front of municipality offices. They murmur, growl, throw stones, and fight...

Water is becoming a cause for social conflicts

Protests, demonstrations, road-blockades, riots. City-dwellers against farmers. Villages against towns. Towns against cities. Citizens against the government. People against people. Increasingly, these (usually local) conflicts are taking on the general shape of a bitter war for water.

Is there a way out? What should we do? Hang down our heads in shame?
Or, should we look up?

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