Urban rainwater harvesting
Urban centres in India are facing an ironical situation today. On one hand there is the acute water scarcity and on the other, the streets are often flooded during the monsoons. This has led to serious problems with quality and quantity of groundwater.

This is despite the fact that all these cities receive good rainfall. However, this rainfall occurs during short spells of high intensity. (Most of the rain falls in just 100 hours out of 8,760 hours in a year). Because of such short duration of heavy rain, most of the rain falling on the surface tends to flow away rapidly leaving very little for recharge of groundwater. Most of the traditional water harvesting systems in cities have been neglected and fallen into disuse, worsening the urban water scenario. One of the solutions to the urban water crisis is rainwater harvesting - capturing the runoff.

Water harvesting system at
CSE's office in Delhi

This is practiced on a large scale in cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi where rainwater harvesting is a part of the state policy. Elsewhere, countries like Germany, Japan, United States, and Singapore are also adopting rainwater harvesting.

   Why to harvest rain?

n In areas where there is inadequate groundwater supply or surface
  resources are either lacking or insufficient, rainwater harvesting   offers an ideal solution.

Helps in utilising the primary source of water and prevent the runoff    from going into sewer or storm drains, thereby reducing the load on    treatment plants.

n Reduces urban flooding.

n Recharging water into the aquifers help in improving the quality of    existing groundwater through dilution.










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