Building a water literate urban society

Towns and cities across India are today haunted by a common menace-severe water crisis. Unplanned urbanisation, leading to a huge hike in demand, has had the inevitable fallout-overuse of groundwater. Result? Depleted aquifers and rivers. Parched urban tanks and lakes. Urban water management is in shambles. And the problem shows no signs of abating. In fact, it threatens to get worse in the future.

The solution lies in reviving the age-old Indian tradition of water management. It was built on two principles: one, rainwater harvesting had primacy over river water or groundwater harvesting; and community and household management had primacy over state supply of water. So every household had a role to play in catching rain. Every drop was harvested.

As the taps dry up, many innovative, farsighted individuals and groups across the country have begun to explore the potential of rainwater harvesting. And they are practicing it very successfully. Find out for yourself.

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