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Jamnagar goes thirsty for the third year in a row

The city is in the grip of water scarcity for the consecutive third year with four reservoirs going dry.

Ranjitsagar, Aji-3, Vijarkhi and Sasoi dams are dry for the last three months and water in Und-1 and Sapdaill dams will last only up to May, said commissioner Pradeep Sharma. The city requires 225 lakh gallons of water a day.

Sharma said the civic body has requested the state government to provide water from Narmada. The government has taken up a project to bring Narmada water to the city through pipeline from the main canal at Malia in Morvi. Ibe project is accorded top priority and the city might get Narmada water by April next, according to the water supply minister.

Sharma said the civic body would be able to provide water up to June from various resources.

It is learnt from Reliance sources that the refinery will provide water to Jamnagar beginning Saturday at the rate of 10 lakh gallons a day in the first phase. The supply will subsequently be increased to 15 lakh gallons a day. RPL refinery has provided water to the city in the last two years during periods of crisis.

Sharma said there was no restriction on new water connections in the city, but dual water connection may be cancelled if required.

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