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From he 1990s onwards, there has been a new trend in protection of urban wetlands. A greater number of concerned citizens are approaching the courts to stop the mindless destruction of urban wetlands. A large number of public interest petitions (PILs) are being filed by local people and groups across the country to save lakes and other waterbodies in cities. The petitioners range from high profile lawyers, academecians, to concerned individuals. The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has focused on nine such cases, studying the proceedings; examining the impact and the stumbling blocks faced by the litigants.
  • Dal lake: Fazal Ali and Syed Mutaba Hussain
  • Chandola lake: Shailesh Shah
  • Rabindra Sarobar: Subash Dutta
  • Bhimtal: Frederick Smaetecek
  • Delhi's waterbodies: Vinod Kumar jain
  • Udaipur lakes: Tej Razdan
  • Saroornagar: KL Vyas
  • Lakes in Bangalore: K V Narendra
  • Lakes in Chennai: Consumer and Action Group
  • Nainital Lake: Ajay S Rawat
For details see: Cases on protection of urban wetlands
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