What is NFS?

is National Food Security. It is the food security regime the Indian state, like many other developing countries, is completely committed to.

NFS means creating zones of intensive agricultural production - Green Revolution zones - which generate a marketable surplus of agricultural produce.

NFS means setting up a public food procurement and distribution system. In India there are those who do not have the purchasing power to buy Green Revolution food from the market. The system is set up for such poor people, to ensure they get food at affordable prices.

In theory, this system is salutary. In practice, it merely reproduces state dependency for survival. It is a minimalist system, where "food" means "rice/wheat" and "sugar", and "nutrition" means "basic health". In this reductive fashion, the system ensures that proper nutritional entitlement is never achieved.

NFS means pursuing a food security policy that regularly fails to achieve its aim. The food meant for the poor often fails to reach those who need it most. In 2001, India had a surplus food stock of 51 million tones. But 200 million of its citizens remained undernourished.

NFS means not making villages drought-proof. It means not making villages food-secure. It means not enabling village economies generate their own wealth.

NFS is a complete eye-wash, a grain-down-the-drain philosophy. Because NFS means avoiding the Real Green Revolution.

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