What nations can choose?
The Real Green Revolution-III

Today, nations have two simple choices to make.

It is obvious that food production must keep pace with the demands of a growing population. But productivity from existing irrigated lands is unlikely to increase dramatically.

Therefore, nations can


Expand land area under major irrigation schemes


Improve the productivity of rainfed land, following a method of supplemental
irrigation via water harvesting.

The first approach demands that huge water resources be mobilised. It demands colossal investment in large irrigation systems.

The second approach has an enormous - as yet, untapped - potential to increase food production.

The first approach is one that has been tried, tested and found wanting. It is an inherently constrained approach. For two reasons:

  • available water resources are limited;
  • growing social conflicts over the creation of large irrigation systems (reservoirs, and canals, attending bureaucracy and corruption).
The second approach is an emergent one. It is a vibrant and inherently unconstrained approach. For two reasons:

  • once available, water resources keep expanding exponentially;
  • growing social harmony over the creation of local harvesting systems.
The real Green Revolution is about harvesting rainwater.

Look up. Think rain. Catch water where it falls. Let the rain change social existence. Let it transform human lives.

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