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  Scarce and unnatural

Today, water is an increasingly scarce resource. And the scarcity is very real. There is cause for alarm, but not for alarm-mongering.

Freshwater: a scarce resource
Only 2.5 per cent of all the world’s water is fresh, ie. fit for human consumption, agriculture and industry. In several parts of the world, however, water is being used at a much faster rate than can be replenished by rainfall. In 2025, the per capita water availability in India will be reduced to 1500 cubic metres from 5000 in 1950.
The United Nations warns that this shortage of freshwater could be the most serious obstacle to producing enough food for a burgeoning world population, reducing poverty and protecting the environment.

In troubled waters
About 450 million people in 31 countries (shaded) face a serious water shortage

Bleak future
About 2.8 billion people in 48 countries (shaded), including India, are expected to face water shortages
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