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  Groundwater Pollution

Water markets thriving on groundwater has become a lucrative business for all those ranging from the private suppliers selling water, water tankers and the big bottled water companies. This over extraction has found rapid depletion of water tables as well as deterioration of water quality in most of the cities.

A study conducted by the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) and Central Pollution Control Board in Delhi revealed that groundwater in most parts of Delhi are contaminated with flouride and nitrate and is unfit for drinking without treatment. Higher rates of groundwater extraction in coastal
areas have also led to salinity intrusion in coastal aquifers, especially in Tamil Nadu and Gujrat. Thus unplanned and uncontrolled extraction of groundwater has disturbed the hydrological balance.

Sea water is more dense than freshwater. Below the ground, freshwater 'floats' above the deeper seawater in a kind of balance, gets disturbed due to the pumping. The change is pressure due to pumping also causes UPCONING, where seawater begins to seep into the freshwater table. The water becomes brackish, affecting over a distance
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