Eastern Ghats
The Eastern Ghats, a rugged, hilly terrain running almost parallel to the eastern coast of India, constitutes the watershed of many big rivers. The Eastern Ghats broadly cover three regions: southern Orissa highlands; Chittoor and Cuddapah districts of the Rayalaseema region in Andhra Pradesh; and the uplands and Nilgiri region of Tamil Nadu.

The southern Orissa highlands comprise the Dandakaranya region of Orissa, which includes the districts of Bolangir, Ganjam, Phulbani, Kalahandi, Koraput and part of Puri. The average rainfall in this region is between 2,000-3,000 mm. The hill ranges of Cuddapah district in the Rayalaseema region form the central portion of the Eastern Ghats, and the district is drained mainly by the Pennar river and its tributaries. The average annual rainfall here is 685 mm. Chittoor district is characterised by hills, plains and uplands. The Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu cover Dharmapuri, North Arcot, Salem and Nilgiri districts. The uplands and the Nilgiri region of Tamil Nadu have wide valleys made by the Cauvery and its tributaries. In general, the elevation here is over 900 metres (m) in the west due to the Nilgiri hills. The western and eastern flanks get an annual rainfall of 800-2,000 mm but the central part of the uplands is almost dry.

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