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The climate of the Delhi region is semiarid type, with three well defined seasons. The cold season begins at the end of November, and extends to in early July and continues upto September. The hot summer extends from the end of March to the end of June. The temperature is usually between 21.1° C to 40.5° C during these months. Winters are usually cold and night temperatiures often fall to 6.5° C during the period between December and February. The average annual temperature recorded in Delhi is 31.5° C based on the records over the period of 70 years maintained by the Meteorological Department.

About 87% of the annual rainfall is received during the monsoon months June to September. On an average, rain of 2.5 mm or more falls on 27 days in a year. Of these, 21.4 days are during monsoon months. For design considerations, rainfall intensity of 20 to 30 mm which generally occurs in one hour duration has to be taken into account.


Records of rainfall for 5 stations located in and adjoining these two districts are available for sufficiently long period. The details of the rainfall are given below


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(a) Normal rainfall in mm.

(b) Average number of rainy days(i.e. days with rainfall of 2.5 mm or more)

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