Working women

In Guraiya village, it’s women empowerment all the way

Sagar district,
Madhya Pradesh
Total area 750 ha
Forest area 104.7 ha
Population 783
Radha Bai, caretaker of the nursery in Guraiya, makes herself heard

The Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Watershed Development (RGMWD), introduced in Guraiya in May 1997, brought about a remarkable metamorphosis. The once-brown landscape is verdant and water shortage is unheard of.

The Guraiya Watershed Committee (GWC) consisting of 12 women was formed for the work of RGMWD. With the help of government officers, they took up the task of building check-dams and cattle-proof trenches. They have constructed an 18,124 m-long contour trench, 2,000 m-long cattle protection trench, 5,145 staggered trenches and three boulder check-dams.

A nursery with 700,000 saplings has also come up. Three saving and thrift groups have been started. So far, 86 saving accounts have been opened. The committee has saved Rs 1,40,000.

Says Sitabai Choubey, president, GWC, "Since my marriage in 1964, I have seen everyone scrounge for water. And the land was barren. In just two years, things have changed. I have realised the importance of being a woman. We have an identity now.
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Way ahead
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