Pallithode village, Alleppey district, Kerela

The Alleppey Diocesan Charitable and Social Welfare Society (ADCSWS) has constructed water harvesting and storage systems for 52 households of Pallithode village in the coastal district of Alleppey, Kerela. There is severe drinking water scarcity in the area. Though rainfall is heavy, salinity intrusion through estuaries makes the water, brackish and hence unsuitable for use. In addition there are location specific problems of turbidity, excessive hardness, and presence of high levels of iron and flouride. Water table is shallow (1.5 - 2m below the ground) and proximity to the sea results in inundation, which increases the salinity of water.

The ADCSWS assessed the viability of providing roof top rainwater in the coastal belt. Within one square meter of area and one millimetere (mm) of rain, the water that can be harvested is one litre. This means that the roofs have tremendous potential - with 10 mm of rainfall, a 50sq m roof can collect 500 litres of water. Since 1997, the organisation has constructed 52 rooftop rainwater harvesting structures. The rainwater is being used by the people successfully at a cost of Rs 10,000 per household. The water samples have been tested and found safe for human consumption.

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