Moti Marsal, Surendra Nagar
District, Gujarat

The village spread over 200 hectares supports a population of 600. Groundwater being saline, there was a major drinking water problem in this village. To solve the water crisis the villagers undertook water harvesting with the help of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme.

'Gram Vikas Mandal' (Village development council) mobilised the community to construct a sub-surface dyke (underground checkdam). At the household level rooftop water harvesting systems were adopted. Women of this village have also taken initiative for solving the problem of drinking water through Mahila Vikas Mandal and installed the rooftop rainwater harvesting systems.

Investment of Rs 30,000,00 has started yielding returns. Now, villagers have drinking water. More over agricultural outputs have improved. Muludana, a villager says, "In 2000 when rain was good, stored water lasted for around six months after rainy season". Vashram Bhai , a member of Gram Vikas Mandal says, "After the completion of first check dam we have done irrigation in about 100 bighas and around 20 wells were recharged."

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