In the parched region of Saurashtra, Gujarat, the Saurashtra Lok Manch, a voluntary organisation, has recharged more than 300,000 wells and tubewells. The organisation has been trying to create water literacy among the masses and motivate them to actively take up recharging of wells. Recharging wells is easy, inexpensive and requires very simple technology. Water from a nearby rivulet or drain is led through a plastic pipe to a pit, where it gets filtered through layers of sand powder, uncrushed sand and crushed stone. A pipe then takes the water to the well.

Lined Ponds

Scarcity of water makes the life of women in rural India particularly problematic. They have to walk several kilometres to fetch a bucket of water. Utthan, a voluntary agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is mobilising women to tackle drinking water shortages and land salinity in Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar districts. It has constructed 21 lined ponds with the active participation of village communities. More than 300 families have taken part in building rooftop water harvesting structures. The organisation's greatest success lies in mobilising women in the face of traditional resentment against their taking part in community efforts.
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